Penland’s Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping you and your family comfortable in your home. We also provide fuel piping and oil furnace services for homes and systems ranging from historic to newly constructed.

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your home heating and air conditioning systems not only keeps them running smoothly, it can save you a substantial sum in repair costs. Consider these facts:

  • You can add between 3-5 years of life to your heating and cooling system when you are up to date on preventative maintenance.
  • Many manufacturers will void a warranty where the owner has failed to keep up with routine maintenance.
  • Often costly repairs are more expensive then the routine HVAC maintenance that would have prevented them.

Call Penland’s today to schedule a check-up for your heating and air conditioning systems.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Maintain the upkeep of your HVAC system before a problem arises. You can rely on Penland’s to keep your home systems in proper working order all year round. We install, maintain and service:

  • Heat pumps
  • Gas heating
  • Furnaces
  • Geothermal units
  • Oil furnaces

Fuel Piping

Heat your home efficiently with the installation of gas fuel piping. Choose to have us update your existing heating system and piping for gas fireplaces, grills and heaters. We also install and repair gas log fireplaces.